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A detailed PDF documenting private oracle card readings, collaborative mystery school adventures, creative life coaching, or publishing consultations will be sent to Buyer at the email address designated as soon as Buyer provides the questions/specific guidance regarding facets of Life they are wanting explored, and purchased collaborative work on this end is complete. Unless otherwise stated, usually this will occur within 24 - 48 hours from when Buyer's introductory questions/direction are received.
Whatever information seems useful &/or whatever insights come through will be shared, with the intent of serving the Highest Benefit of All Concerned and with the understanding that in terms of spiritual/mystery school guidance, Source likely sees the Big Picture a bit better than we humans do. Therefore, recipients are always free to take/apply what they wish from these sharings, while disregarding anything they feel does not resonate at this time. Standard Disclaimer: all spiritual, mystical, divination, creative career, &/or ritual manifestation-related purchases to be considered for entertainment purposes only. Such interactions not intended as personal, medical, legal, emotional, financial, or any other type of advice. Buyers agree to be 100% responsible for their own well-being at all times.