Terms of Service

Please note: a variety of items are on offer at LIVE FROM THE VOLCANO including digital ebooks along with individual oracle card readings and collaborative coaching to be received by Buyers in downloadable PDF form.

For interactive offerings, whatever information seems useful &/or whatever mystical-realm insights come through will be shared, with the understanding that -- especially in terms of spiritual/mystery school purchases, Source likely sees the Big Picture a bit better than we humans do.

When asking personal questions, therefore, it's important to know that sometimes you may get exactly the answers & guidance you're hoping for, while at other times what is shared may come as a surprise. (Recipient is always free to take what they wish from our sharings, while disregarding anything that does not resonate at this time.)

Any orders of physical items sent with tracking #...however, for the foreseeable future, only digital items + professional/mystical services are being offered via this online shop.

For those interested in physical items such as MOLTEN MAMA Orgonites or GATHERING THE DREAMCATCHERS book-themed merchandise, those can be acquired by searching these specific search terms, beginning from links like these:
* https://mamamoltenmysticaltools.blogspot.com/
* https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/TwoBigIslands
* https://www.cafepress.com/+dream_catcher_dream_creator_shower_curtain,1117113104
* https://www.cafepress.com/+power_pyramid_wall_clock,1109591846
* And we now also have a high-vibe, freedom-loving merchandise “LiveVolcano SHOP” as of summer 2023! Stop by & see if something supportive is calling: https://www.redbubble.com/people/livevolcano/shop.

Otherwise, all digital e-books purchased via this specific eCrater shop can be downloaded from the email you will receive generally within 24 - 48 hours. :) (And sometimes much quicker than that; just depends when I'm online.)

All PDFs documenting private oracle card readings &/or collaborative mystery school adventures &/or creative life coaching will also be sent directly to Buyers at email address designated once specific questions/guidance regarding the facets of Life you want explored are provided, and then the work on my end is complete. (Usually this occurs within 24 - 48 hours from when I've received your introductory questions/direction.)

Though it doesn't apply to this online shop that does not list any physical products for sale, Molten Mama's general Refund/Replacement policy is as follows: Refunds/replacements only available for physical items verifiably not delivered (as evidenced via tracking # data).

There are no returns, exchanges, or cancellations for personal interactive/collaborative services once a sale is made, since engaging in time/energy/sacred space work will have already begun. (Should an emailed PDF ever get lost in the ethers, it can easily be resent.)

Disclaimer: Spiritual, mystical, divination, creative career, &/or ritual manifestation-related purchases are for entertainment purposes only. Such interactions not intended as personal, medical, legal, emotional, financial, or any other type of advice. Buyers agree to be 100% responsible for their own well-being at all times.